RLHRG have produced several books, including the “Aspects of” series.

Rugby, Aspects of the Past   1975, last reprinted 2018
Rugby, Further Aspects of the past  1977, last reprinted 2018
Rugby, Aspects of the Past, Volume 3  1991, last reprinted 2014
Rugby, Aspects of the Past, Volume 4  1998, last reprinted 2018
Aspects of 20th Century Rugby, 2001, last reprinted 2022.
Aspects of Victorian Rugby, 2005, last reprinted 2022
Aspects of Rugby during World War One  2006, last reprinted 2018
Aspects of Rugby during World War Two  2009, last reprinted 2021

Rugby, Aspects of the Past, Volume 9, last reprinted 2017

Rugby, Aspects of the Past, Volume 10, last reprinted 2019

Rugby, Aspects of the Past, Volume 11, 2020, last reprinted 2022

The latest book in the Aspects series, Volume 12,  was published in November 2022.
List of articles in Aspects Books

All the Aspects books are still in print and can be obtained from:

Hunts Bookshop, High Street, Rugby;  or Rugby Visitor Centre in the foyer of Rugby Library, Art Gallery and Museum.

Copies can also be obtained from:David Holton, 51 Alwyn Road, Rugby, CV22 7QU

e- mail:

Price £5 per book, plus P&P of £2.70 (UK only, please contact us about non-UK rates)

St. Luke’s Hospital & Rugby Union Workhouse
(3rd expanded version with optional CD., 2001)    Note: CD only available – Price £6 plus P&P

Our Books by other Publishers
Rugby as It Was Hendon Publishing Co Ltd (1 Jun 1979)
Rugby in Old Photographs (Britain in Old Photographs) Sutton Publishing Ltd (1 Sep 1995)
Rugby from Old Photos Amberley Publishing (1 July 2009) (reprint of previous 1995 edition)
Rugby in Old Photographs: A Second Selection (Britain in Old Photographs) The History Press Ltd (20 Nov 1997)

Hospital of St Cross Rugby 1884~1984, West Midland Regional Health Authority

Other Books on Rugby History
Rugby: A Pictorial History (Pictorial history series) by E.W. Timmins (1 Jan 1990)
Rugby’s Railway Heritage by Peter H. Elliott, Anderson (Sep 1985)
Tripontium: The discovery and excavation of a Roman settlement on the Watling Street near Rugby by Jack Lucas, Irene Glendinning (1997)

Rugby Remembered: More Images of Rugby by “Rugby Advertiser” (Oct 2005)