Infirmary and Master's House

The Infirmary from the North East D012

The main infirmary building, in its final form, was the largest on the site.

The initial phase had contained 4 wards on 2 floors with room for 66 patients. It was formally opened on 10th December 1906. The central section contained the operating theatres, on the ground floor, and other general service areas with 7 nurses rooms above in a heightened attic space. Washrooms and toilets were in 'turrets' projecting to the north.

In the late 1920s the building was extended at both ends, the additional space used as day lounges.

Master's House


The Master's House from the North D051
The extension on the left was part of the 1988 development. This house replaced the Master's quarters in the old main building.

The new Master's house was to the west of the main workhouse and laid back from the Lower Hillmorton Road. It was on the extra land bought by the Guardians around the 1st World War.

On conversion to the Child Development Clinic in the 1980s single storey extensions were added.