The Site & Buildings

Based on Warwickshire County Council Site Plan. Drawn when the County Council took over the site, the plan was maintained for some years so the date is not that accurate.

The exact shape of the site purchased in 1818 is not known. In 1828 the land outside the main compound was sold off as two fields. The areas occupied by the Masters House, (now the Orchard Centre Clinic ) and the Temple Street frontage, were purchased around the first world war.

The original building of 1818-19 probably consisted of the front block, the two main rear wings and the separate committee room. The earliest detailed plan dates from 1837.

By the change of the Union in the mid 1830s the east wing of the main building had been added. In 1849 the first phase of the present Board Room block was constructed and the first of many alterations were made to the rear block. By 1851 extensions to the N.E. wing of the main building had also been made.

By 1887 the Children's block had been built and the rear block extended further. The main building had expanded with the N.W. wing added and the N.E. and S.E. wings extended further. The 'cottage' building had also appeared.

By 1923 the Board Room and Rear Blocks had reached their final forms. The Laundry had been built as had the first phase of the Infirmary. The S.W. wing of the main block had been demolished.

The dividing walls between the various yards - which included the area around the infirmary building - were still in place in 1923 but were probably demolished during the 1930s.

By 1933 the Master's House and the Surveyor's office had been built and the Infirmary had been extended. By 1938 the Ambulance station had been started and part of the N.E. wing of the main block had been demolished. During the 1940s the Temple Street Clinic was built and the ambulance garages completed.

In 1982 the original main building and any remaining wings were demolished.